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New Client Microblading $600 (3hrs -2 sessions)

Colourboost current clients $300 (2hrs)

New Client Combination Brows $650 (3hrs -2 sessions)

Colourboost Combination Brows current clients $350 (2hrs)

Brow Correction previous work elsewhere $350-$450 (2-3hrs - single session)


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Using the traditional hand tool method, microblading creates a semi-permanent result that subtly mimics the look of natural hair. Using brow mapping, a detailed form of measurement which considers individual bone structure and musculature, microblading can correct most asymmetry, filling in sparse areas, adding structure and depth where needed. Initially this service includes two sessions, 8-10 weeks apart. Combination Brows or often referred to as Ombre style (microblading + machine shading) are also available, depending on result desired. Once the eyebrows have fully healed, clients should expect to return for a yearly maintenance session.