Hellooo Beautiful!

About Us

KEPT. proudly offers twenty two years of industry experience. Embracing a passion for personal development and continued learning, each client service begins with an educational approach. The studio in London, Ontario offers a comfortable environment where every service begins with a thorough consultation. The open-concept atmosphere allows clients to indulge in a little girl talk or a lash nap; either way, clients leave feeling beautiful ... #iwokeuplikethis.

It is the goal to not only foster an environment of learning at KEPT. Academy, but also to offer continued support to students as they begin to build their beauty businesses. For new technicians, there are several beginner level certifications at the London location. For working professionals, advanced private or semi-private mentor coaching is available (by request); tailoured to suit the needs of your business.

While most industry training focuses solely on the ‘what’ and the ‘how’, KEPT. believes in a ‘why’ centered education. Students are encouraged to work intentionally during both theoretical and hands-on training modules.

Meet Stephanie

All roads have led to this. Stephanie comes from creative and academic backgrounds, with bachelor’s degrees in both Visual Art and Education supporting her two decades of well-rounded industry experience in skin, beauty, and brand development.

Owner and founder at ‘KEPT.’ for all things brow, natural lashes and skin, Stephanie has created a positive beauty culture in London, ON for clients and students alike. She specializes in pro-aging skin services including microneedling, microcurrent, and holistic facials. Borrowing from her formal art background, Stephanie creates or corrects clients’ brows through advanced brow mapping and microblading techniques. Stephanie’s dedication and drive has earned her national recognition as one of the first certified Everlasting Brows educators in Canada.

Starting with her first job behind a department store makeup counter, she was hooked on all things beauty. After finishing graduate school, Stephanie maintained her involvement in the industry and became a college-level educator, focusing on the ‘why’ behind the ‘how’. This is where she believes true learning takes place and is why her students excel so quickly. As a self-proclaimed beauty junkie, Stephanie is continuously updating her skills by seeking out innovation and traditional practices. 

Created from a passion to help clients feel like their most confident selves, KEPT. is a destination for self-care, attention to detail, holistic wellness, and progressive career coaching.

Beauty is always more than skin deep #keepKEPT.

OUR MISSION: to elevate the standard of beauty through personal connection, continued education and industry advancement in alignment with current and traditional holistic practices.