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Holistic Facials

KEPT. Ultimate Holistic Facial $150 (75 mins)

KEPT. Signature Facial $90 (45 mins)

Lymphatic Drainage or Extraction Facial $60 (30 mins)

* custom mask can be added to the ultimate holistic facial 

* modalities may include: T-Zone lymphatic drainage machine, Kansa wand, cupping, Gua Sha, extractions, high frequency, red light therapy

Enzyme Treatment 

DMK Enzyme Treatment $275 (120 mins)
* includes 30 day take home cleanser, toner, treatment serum and moisturizer

Men’s Holistic Facial

$75 (45 mins)
* kansa wand, gua sha, hot towel beard wrap

Microcurrent can be added to all Holistic Facials and Enzyme Treatments

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An enzyme facial is ideal for anyone who wants to improve the appearance of their skin Age Management, Pigment Balanceand Acne Control; whether they are more focused on an anti-aging or preventative treatment. It covers all the bases, it is safe and effective on all skin types and skin colours.DMK Enzyme Masques are formulated with enzymes that assist proteins in penetrating the skin to tighten and contract the fragile muscles lying directly under the fascia. Fragile underlying facial muscles can be strengthened through voluntary contraction stimulation.As the masque sets, the muscles begin moving on their own accord against the resistance. Lymph carries cellular waste and debris accumulated from cells to the blood and the lymph system can be thought of as a cellular toxin disposal system. When the lymphatic system becomes blocked, an oxygen-starved toxic environment is created. DMK Enzyme Therapy improves lymphatic drainage into the major lymph ducts at the base of the neck.

DMK Enzyme Masque contains the active ingredients Lipase, a fat dissolving enzyme, and the collagen building amino acids Proline, Lysine and Glycine.All DMK enzyme masques have the ability to promote a Plasmatic Effect® in the skin prompting true oxygen therapy from within the bloodstream. Unlike treatments that simply administer oxygen to the skins surface, DMK Enzyme Therapy masques stimulate skin function rather than merely acting on the surface.

** works well in conjunction with microcurrent, high frequency, red light therapy and microneedling**