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Ionic Detox

The Ionic Detox footbath utilizes ionic (positive and negative ionic cycling) technology to attract toxins from the body through the feet via osmosis. This process can boost energy levels, improve overall health, and promote relaxation.

The Ionic Detox is a powerful tool for holistic practitioners and at-home users alike. Using negative ion technology, it helps to deeply purge and rejuvenate the body. Experience the potential benefits of improved lymphatic flow, better circulation, and a stronger immune system. Expand your holistic practice to include this passive, pain free modality for clients from the ages of 4 years old and up.

Units can be purchased for home use as a complete kit: Ionic unit, array, wrist strap and salt.

Practioner's Training includes one day hands-on class complete with device and all accessories, history, theory, client tracking, demonstration and strategies for professional implementation.